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Sources within MONUSCO  and DRC government have confirmed that in recent days, several high level meeting were held between MONUSCO and DRC government to figure out a way to hand over the Rwandan Refugees, now in the Kisangani Transit camp to the Kigali regime, in secret. Although, no decision has been made public yet, sources among refugees indicate that both DRC and MONUSCO staffers have started to increase pressure on the refugees, asking them to agree to return to Rwanda at all cost, and warning of dire consequences for those who will not heed this call. Chief amongst the people involved in this exercise is none other than Major Rodrique of Benin, who according to reliable sources, has been outspoken about the fact that MONUSCO should abandon all these refugees to DRC Government to do with as they please. Major Rodrigue has gone as far as declaring to the refugees that if MONUSCO leaves before all the refugees are returned to Rwanda, most of them will be killed by FARDC soldiers. These verbal threats are combined by a continued denial of medical service for the refugees, a practice which cost the life  of a three months old baby boy in the last few weeks, as the readers may remember.

The refugees who are most targeted by DRC/ MONUSCO for this secret deportation to Rwanda are their representatives, particularly Maj Faustin MUGISHA and Maj Joseph BIRINDIRO along with 23 other community leaders who are being detained in solitary confinement by the UN in order to coerce them into cooperating with the forced repatriation of their comrades.

This group includes 4 women, amongst them Yvonne Kayitse, who is suffering from chronic illness that got her rushed to the Hospital multiple times. There also reports that some of those refugees are starting to develop serious eye problems due to poor lighting their detention area, where these refugees are not allowed to listen to the radio, nor speak on the phone.

Here we would like to remind the human rights community that these refugees are being held by the UN illegally as they have not been charged with anything and their detention has no basis in any law, national or international. All human rights organizations should urge MONUSCO/DRC to release these refugees without delay and to refrain from trying to deliver them into Kagame’s hand. The world organizations especially African ones such as SADC should remind MONUSCO/DRC government that refugees cannot be forcefully returned to a place where their lives would be in immediate danger.


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